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Most people who get a traffic ticket believe the best course of action is pay for the ticket or show up and beg the judge for mercy. These reactions are totally understandable, most of us want to just do the right thing! However, if you’ve read our articles on Virginia’s point system, you understand there are some unanticipated consequences associated with traffic violations. This article explores another one of those unanticipated consequences – increased insurance costs.

Insurance companies consider several factors in determining rates for their customers. Those factors can include age, driving experience, type of car, and number of accidents or traffic violations a driver has received. If a driver incurs multiple traffic violations, or even just one major violation, the insurer company is almost guaranteed to raise the customer’s rates – it’s only a question of exactly how much.

In a study done by, the average percentage increase for car insurance cost for drivers who speed 11-29 MPH over the limit is 38%, which amounts to about a $505 increase. Additionally, the average percentage increase for drivers who speed 30+ MPH over the limit is 61%, which amounts to about a $803 increase.[1]

Of course, the exact amount of insurance increase will depend on specific insurance companies, the policy of those companies, whether the violation is simple speeding, reckless driving, DUI, or other. In any event, just paying for the ticket without regard to the insurance consequences is a bad move – DON’T DO IT!!

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