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Changes Coming to a Virginia Road Near You!

This past September, Virginia’s Commonwealth Transportation Board successfully approved $672.4 million for various highway improvement initiatives all across Virginia. These initiatives fall under the Virginia Highway Safety Improvement program (VHSIP).

Virginia initiated the VHSIP in response to a 23% increase in the fatality rate for drivers from 2019-2020, and the 2021 vehicle fatality toll of 968. The Virginia Department of Transportation states that its Strategic Highway Safety Plan under the VHSIP is:

a data-driven, performance-based document aimed at ushering a Safe System approach in support of the Commonwealth’s goal that everyone should arrive at their destination safely.

As part of this initiative, the Commonwealth will be increasing traffic safety signs and signals at designated areas, distributing educational materials on driving safety, and increasing the enforcement of traffic violations – namely speeding. Stay up to date on additional changes by the VDOT by reading our blog!

You can do your part to promote safety on the road by obeying traffic signs & signals, keeping your phone down, and driving at or under the speed limit. If you do receive a reckless driving, speeding, or other traffic ticket – give our team at Driving Defense Law a call! We offer free case evaluations with attorneys who are dedicated to protecting you and obtaining the best possible outcome for your ticket.

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