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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a lawyer for a ticket?

By pre-paying your ticket or representing yourself, you run the risk of accepting guilt for something you could get dismissed or reduced. In Virginia, a reckless driving ticket, for example, goes on your criminal record for life. Also, your car insurance will go up for simple speeding… and don’t forget the fines and court fees!

What is Reckless Driving anyway?

There are many factors that are considered when someone is issued with reckless driving. The most common is by either speeding 20 mph above the speed limit or by driving 81 mph or higher. This is called “Reckless Driving by Speed”. The most important thing to know about reckless driving in Virginia is that it’s a Class 1 Misdemeanor – which is considered a serious crime. That means if you accept guilt, or your sentence is not reduced… you will have a criminal record for life.

What is Reckless Driving versus Improper Driving?

Reckless Driving is a much more serious offense than Improper Driving.  It is often possible for our attorney to obtain a reduction of your Reckless Driving charge to Improper Driving.  

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Should I just pre-pay my ticket and get it over with?

Not if you want a shot of getting your ticket reduced or in some cases dismissed! When you pre-pay your ticket, you are admitting your guilt and agreeing to pay all associated costs. Even worse, you may discover that you have received demerit points from the DMV which almost always increases your long term insurance costs, typically at an average of around 23%.

What are Virginia demerit points?

Virginia uses the uniform demerit system. When a driver is given a ticket, they are typically assigned a number of negative points. Points are determined by the level of offense. The final judgment by the judge determines how many demerit points will be communicated to the DMV for the driver’s record. The more negative points, the higher the driver’s insurance will go up. Driver’s can be proactive to accrue positive demerit points, up to +5.

Do I have to show up to court?

For most traffic offenses in Virginia, the Judge will want to see the offender in court. Showing up goes a long way towards communicating your desire to learn from your mistake. However, if your DDL attorney informs you that you do not need to come to court, your case is in good hands!

I don’t live in Virginia, how does this work?

Getting a ticket while in another state can be confusing. We know Virginia law! Let Driving Defense Law walk you through the process. Depending on your circumstances, you may not even have to come back to the Commonwealth.

Will this stay on my record?

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor, such as reckless driving, it is a crime. This will forever be on your criminal record in Virginia, which is why it’s so important to hire a good traffic attorney. Driving Defense Law will put together a unique defense strategy with the goal to get your ticket reduced or dismissed.

The DDL difference (Why hire us?)

Because we care about you and will prioritize obtaining a positive outcome.  At Driving Defense Law, we treat each client like family.  Our passion is to provide superior customer service with successful results!

When should I hire a reckless driving lawyer?

You should hire a reckless driving lawyer if you have been ticketed for reckless driving. In Virginia, reckless driving is a serious offense, and you could be facing a criminal record. Individuals facing charges could lead to severe legal consequences; it is therefore crucial to seek legal representation.

How can a reckless driving lawyer help with my case?

A reckless driving defense lawyer can help with your case. They will have comprehensive knowledge of the complex traffic laws in Virginia. A qualified attorney will assess the case. They can analyze the facts and evidence to determine the strengths and weaknesses. An experienced reckless driving lawyer will have excellent negotiation skills, and courtroom experience.

Can a reckless driving attorney help reduce charges or penalties?

A reckless driving attorney can help reduce charges or penalties. In cases where a conviction is likely, legal representation can be crucial in mitigating the potential penalties. An attorney can present mitigating factors such as a clean driving record, community involvement, or completion of driver improvement programs, which may lead to reduced fines, a shorter license suspension period, or alternative sentencing options.

How do I choose the right traffic defense lawyer?

When choosing a traffic defense lawyer, it is important to use an experienced attorney who is familiar with local courts in Virginia. Research a trusted driving defense law firm, who have excellent client testimonials.

How can a traffic defense lawyer protect my rights?

A traffic defense lawyer can protect your rights. They will have in-depth knowledge of traffic laws and your legal rights. A skilled attorney specializing in traffic law will possess extensive knowledge of the relevant statutes, court decisions, and legal strategies.

Can a DUI lawyer help me retain my driver’s license?

If you have been charged with a DUI you need to seek representation from a Driving Defense Lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that you are protected. The penalties for a DUI conviction depend on whether you have prior DUI convictions and whether you are under the age of 21. A DUI lawyer may be able to help you retain your driver’s license, depending on your personal case. The DUI charge can sometimes be reduced to a lesser violation. It is important to hire the services of a skilled and strategic DUI lawyer, when facing a DUI charge.