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Recent Dismissals & Reductions by Attorneys Madeline Loving and Steven Thomas

Attorney Madeline Loving recently secured the following successful case results for our clients:

  • Virginia Beach Reckless Driving 84/55 – REDUCED to speeding
  •  Chesapeake Reckless Driving 81/55 – REDUCED to improper driving
  •  Hampton Reckless Driving 86/60 – NOT GUILTY
  •  Suffolk Reckless Driving 83/60; Driving without license; Inspection – REDUCED to simple speeding; driving without license DISMISSED; inspection civil penalty.
  •  Newport News Reckless Driving 90/55 – DISMISSED
  •  Norfolk Reckless Driving 80/55 – DISMISSED

Here are recent reviews from Madeline’s clients:

“Absolutely thrilled with the excellent service I received from Madeline at Driving Defense Law! She effortlessly navigated through my speeding ticket issue in Norfolk with unparalleled professionalism. Madeline’s courtroom presence was impressive, and her strategic approach led to an incredibly favorable outcome in my case. I wholeheartedly recommend Madeline to anyone searching for a top-tier professional to stand by their side. Trust me when I say, you won’t find a more dedicated and effective advocate for your legal needs.”
“This law firm is a great law firm and my lawyer Madeline I would recommend her to anybody with legal driving issues she is very professional and sweet and cares for her clients …..keep up the good work !!!!!!!!”
“Madeline Loving was great and reassured me every step of the way! Thank you so much!”

Attorney Steven Thomas recently secured the following successful case results for our clients:

  • Chesapeake Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle (Misdemeanor) – DISMISSED
  • Suffolk Reckless Driving General (Accident) – DISMISSED
  • Portsmouth Reckless Driving 91/60 – DISMISSED
  • Norfolk Reckless Driving General (Accident) – DISMISSED
  • Chesapeake Reckless Driving 90/55 – DISMISSED
  • York Reckless Driving 90/70 – REDUCED to Defective Equipment
  • Virginia Beach Reckless Driving 108/55 – DISMISSED
  • Norfolk Reckless Driving General (Accident) – DISMISSED
  • Norfolk Failure to Yield (Accident) – DISMISSED
  • Chesapeake Reckless Driving (100/60), Driving Without License (Misdemeanor) and 2 additional infractions – ALL criminal charges avoided, fines only
  • Chesapeake Reckless Driving (101/60) – Jail Time Avoided
  • Newport News Reckless Driving (21 MPH over) appeal for CDL holder – REDUCED to defective equipment
  • Virginia Beach False Report to Law Enforcement (Misdemeanor) – DISMISSED

Here are recent reviews from Steven’s clients:

“The entire team, especially Steven Thomas did so fantastic and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Everything was quick and smooth and they were there for questions or anything else along the entire process, along with periodically checking in to make sure all is still well. Respectfully never wish to speak to these people again, but know where to go if I need to! 10/5 stars if I could”
“When I went in to court thinking the worst, Steven Thomas put my mind to ease. From reckless driving to speeding and a very low fine. Thanks to him I feel so much better about my outcome.”
“I attended a court hearing where I was facing a felony for a driving-related violation. Thanks to the legal services provided by Mr. Steven Thomas, I was able to avoid serving time in jail and also retain my driver’s license. I strongly recommend Mr. Thomas’s legal services to anyone who may require similar assistance in the future.”
DISCLAIMER – EACH CASE IS UNIQUE AND CASE RESULTS DEPEND ON YOUR INDIVIDUAL SITUATION. CASE RESULTS DO NOT GUARANTEE OR PREDICT A SIMILAR RESULT IN ANY FUTURE CASE UNDERTAKEN BY THE LAWYER. The testimonials on this website reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of our clients. However, the experiences are personal to those particular clients, and may not necessarily be representative of all clients. We do not claim, and you should not assume, that all clients will have the same experience. Your outcome may vary.

At Driving Defense Law, we are ready and prepared to defend your rights and zealously advocate on your behalf.

Our team cares about you and will stand strong by your side.  Call Driving Defense Law NOW for a free consultation to evaluate your options. Do not pre-pay your traffic ticket! Pre-paying your ticket or representing yourself in court can have long term consequences. You may encounter costly fines, increased insurance rates, and sometimes even jail time.  Know your options! Our experienced attorneys know how to navigate the local courts in Virginia, especially the Hampton Roads area including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Hampton, Newport News, Accomack and Northampton.  Our traffic attorneys will evaluate your options and create a gameplan to dismiss or minimize your offense.  Contact now for a FREE case evaluation!