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Recent Dismissals & Reductions by Attorney Steven Thomas

Attorney Steven Thomas recently secured the following successful case results for our clients:
    1. Suffolk Aiding & Abetting Racing in early-June DISMISSED
    2. Suffolk Reckless Driving 75/45 in early-June DISMISSED
    3. Norfolk Reckless Driving 114/65 in mid-June JAIL TIME AVOIDED
    4. Virginia Beach Reckless Driving (Improper Brakes/Control) in mid-June DISMISSED
    5. Newport News Reckless Driving 111/60 in late-June DISMISSED
    6. Northampton County Reckless Driving 68/45 in late-June DISMISSED
    7. Suffolk Reckless Driving 58/35 in mid-July DISMISSED
    8. Currituck, NC Reckless Driving 73/55, REDUCED to Improper Equipment
    9. Virginia Beach Speeding in School Zone & Operating Vehicle with Phone in late-August, DISMISSED
    10. Chesapeake Reckless Driving 97/60 in early-September REDUCED to Improper Driving
Here are two recent reviews from Steven’s clients:
“I had my first speeding ticket in my 15 years of driving recently. Steven was very informative and helpful. I was very scared going into the court room and he put me at ease. He made the process so much easier. My reckless driving was brought down to a regular speeding ticket. I highly recommend!!”
“Best driving defense law firm in Virginia and I highly recommend them. I had a ticket for reckless driving and I randomly found them online. They talked me through all the process, guided me to what i needed to do. My ticket was reduced to improper driving and I ended up paying only the court fee. Steven was amazing and they definitely have knowledge of the law. Trust all their reviews.”
DISCLAIMER – EACH CASE IS UNIQUE AND CASE RESULTS DEPEND ON YOUR INDIVIDUAL SITUATION. CASE RESULTS DO NOT GUARANTEE OR PREDICT A SIMILAR RESULT IN ANY FUTURE CASE UNDERTAKEN BY THE LAWYER. The testimonials on this website reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of our clients. However, the experiences are personal to those particular clients, and may not necessarily be representative of all clients. We do not claim, and you should not assume, that all clients will have the same experience. Your outcome may vary.

At Driving Defense Law, we are ready and prepared to defend your rights and zealously advocate on your behalf.

Our team cares about you and will stand strong by your side.  Call Driving Defense Law NOW for a free consultation to evaluate your options. Do not pre-pay your traffic ticket! Pre-paying your ticket or representing yourself in court can have long term consequences. You may encounter costly fines, increased insurance rates, and sometimes even jail time.  Know your options! Our experienced attorneys know how to navigate the local courts in Virginia, especially the Hampton Roads area including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Hampton, Newport News, Accomack and Northampton.  Our traffic attorneys will evaluate your options and create a gameplan to dismiss or minimize your offense.  Contact now for a FREE case evaluation!